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Just about every rifle built can be used for hunting

To the Editor:

This is in response to another letter.
The previous writer said certain guns are made to kill and not hunt or self-defense. Well, pretty much any and every handgun can be used for self-defense. Just some are better suited than others. Next, just about every rifle built can be used for hunting. I know a lot of people who hunt with AR-15’s, AK-47’s could be used for hunting. Now yes AK-47 was designed in Russian to be used in war. As far as the AK-47, it fires the 7.62×39 cartridge which is not great for long-range much above 200yards which is why a lot of hunters don’t use it. The .223/5.56, what most AR-15’s are chambered in, cartridge is good for about 300 yards which is why it is popular with hunters. Oh and just do you know the AR-15 platform can be chambered in just any caliber. I have seen them in everything from 22 up to shotgun. Which is why the AR-15 platform is such a great firearm. It is very versatile to be used for all kinds of hunting from squirrel to moose. Can be and has been, many times, used for home defense and self-defense. I have seen dozens of articles of preteen boys and girls using an AR-15 to protect themselves from home invasions. It is really easy to fact check me in all of that with a simple Google search. But you see mainstream media doesn’t tell you about those stories as it doesn’t fit their narrative.

Steven Gerritzen

Photos in Ocala, Florida


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