Recently arrested man jailed again after family fight

John Wesley Chiguina

An Ocala man charged with domestic battery last month was arrested again last weekend after he allegedly brawled with two men during a family dispute.

John Wesley Chiguina, 41, was charged with two counts of simple battery after the incident, which happened last Sunday. Chiguina was previously arrested Dec. 8 and was scheduled to appear in court for that charge this Tuesday, according to Marion County Jail records.

One of the victims told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy that Chiguina returned home and appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. The victim said Chiguina was in his bedroom arguing with a woman and he heard the woman call for her son, who was the second victim, according to the sheriff’s office report.

Victim 1 said he went into the room to intervene. He said he got between Chiguina and Victim 2 to keep anything physical from happening. Victim 1 said Chiguina tried to push him out of the way, and a struggle ensued between Chiguina and Victim 1 as Chiguina was trying to attack Victim 2. Victim 1 said he was able to place Chiguina in headlock and place him onto the bed, the report said.

Victim 1 said he remained in the room to try and calm Chiguina, who punched a hole in the wall and broke a small wooden nightstand. Victim 1 said Chiguina then walked out of the bedroom and sat on the couch. Both victims said he then stood up to try to attack Victim 2 again, pushing Victim 1 out of his way in the process, according to the report.

Chiguina pushed Victim 1 into the hallway wall, causing pictures to fall and break. Victim 1 was able to get Chiguina to go outside. While Chiguina was walking outside, he pulled a plant out of the ground and threw it at one of the vehicles in the driveway. Victim 1 said moments later, he saw Chiguina and Victim 2 wrestling in the front yard, the report said.

The deputy observed the broken nightstand and the broken pictures on the hallway floor, as well as doorbell video of Chiguina pulling the plant out of the ground and throwing it, according to the report.

Victim 2 told the deputy he went into his mother’s bedroom because she called his name while arguing with Chiguina. He said Chiguina started yelling at him, “(expletive deleted) you,” and (I’m not worried about you.”  Victim 2 said he was standing in the far corner of the bedroom while Chiguina was yelling at him, the report said.

Victim 2 said Victim 1 then walked into the bedroom and stood between him and Chiguina. He said Chiguina then started running towards him to attack him, and he started pushing and hitting victim 1 while trying to get to him. Victim 2 said Chiguina had him backed into the corner of the room and tried to punch him, so he defended himself by swinging back, according to the report.

Victim 2 said Chiguina was flailing his arms and hit him. He said Victim 1 was able to place Chiguina in a headlock and he left the room. Victim 2 said about 10 minutes later, Chiguina went into the living room and tried to attack him again. He said Chiguina tried to lunge at him while he was in the hallway, and that he tried to push Victim 1 out of the way to try to get to him, the report said.

Victim 2 said once Victim 1 was able to get Chiguina outside, he went outside to make sure his mom was safe because he knew she was outside. He said Chiguina engaged him again and they started wrestling in the front yard. Victim 2 said he was struck by Chiguina multiple times before they were separated by family members. He said once they were separated, Chiguina tried to approach him again but he was able to walk away without further incident. The deputy observed multiple injuries on each victim, according to the report.

Chiguina refused to talk to the deputy about the incident at the scene. While on the way to Marion County Jail, he said there was no type of physical disturbance. Then he said he wanted the deputy to photograph his injuries, which he said happened during the disturbance, the report said.

Chiguina was released Jan. 6 on $2,000 bond. He’ll appear in Marion County Court on Feb. 18.