Knife-wielding Citra woman jailed after spat over dirty dishes

Cynthia Ann Pate

A 49-year-old Citra woman was arrested after she allegedly pointed a kitchen knife at a man who was defending his girlfriend during an argument.

Cynthia Ann Pate was charged with aggravated domestic battery with a deadly weapon without intent to kill after the incident, which happened late on the afternoon of Jan. 7. She was released on her own recognizance on that charge but is being held in the Marion County Jail until Feb. 19 on a custody order for a moving violation with a suspended license (second offense).

The victim told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy that he and Pate got into a verbal disagreement in the kitchen regarding dirty dishes. He said Pate was being verbally abusive to his girlfriend and he stood between them to defend his girlfriend from abuse, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The victim said Pate reached into the second drawer from the top, removed a knife and held it in her hand at shoulder height. He said she made threats at him from about 3 feet away. The victim said he feared for his life and was not sure whether Pate was going to attack and harm him. He said the knife had a black handle and the blade was 6 to 7 inches long, the report said.

The victim’s girlfriend told the deputy that Pate was being verbally abusive because of dirty dishes in the kitchen and that she saw her remove a kitchen knife from the drawer and hold it at shoulder height and pointed at the victim. She described the knife as 6 or 7 inches long with a black handle, according to the report.

Questioned at the incident location, Pate said she wasn’t aware of anything wrong and thought the victim had gone to the store. When asked if she had been in an argument with the victim, she again said no. Asked why the victim claimed she pointed a knife at him, she said, “We had words about food that was missing but the arguments started in the rear garden and ended in the kitchen but I didn’t use a knife,” the report said.

Pate said the victim is angry with her because she asked him to contribute to the electricity bills for the residence. When asked where in the kitchen the knives were kept, she said they were kept in the second drawer down. The deputy opened the drawer and observed various kitchen utensils and knives, including one that matched the description the victim and witness provided, according to the report.