Dunnellon man accused of battering woman and threatening to kill witnesses

William Joe Everett

A Dunnellon man was arrested Jan. 8 after he allegedly battered a woman and threatened to kill three witnesses if they called law enforcement.

Marion County sheriff’s deputies who responded to the domestic battery report encountered 57-year-old William Joe Everett, who said he was in an argument with the victim about some civil paperwork, according to the sheriff’s office report.

Everett was sitting on his bed and extremely intoxicated. He had a half-full bottle of Smirnoff Ice vodka sitting next to him and his words were slurred and his eyes glassy. Everett said the argument was only verbal and never became physical, the report said.

The victim said Everett became aggressive towards her during the argument, pushing her and grabbing her arms. Three eyewitnesses who live in house with Everett and the victim said they saw Everett push and grab the victim during an argument over the vehicle outside. They said Everett was also shouting threats to kill all the eyewitnesses if law enforcement was called, according to the report.

Neither Everett nor the victim had any marks from the incident, but due to the totality of the circumstances, witness statements and fear of potential violence, he was arrested.

Everett was taken to the Marion County Jail, where a criminal history check revealed two prior convictions for battery in 1983 and 2000. Everett was released Friday on $1,000 bond and awaits a Feb. 11 date in Marion County Court.