Biosysco, a Chicago-based company that specializes in muscle activation technology, will establish a new equine division headquartered in Ocala.

The announcement came during the Ocala/Marion County Chamber and Economic Partnership’s (CEP) Annual Presentation Encore on Thursday at the College of Central Florida’s Dassance Fine Arts Center.

“Biosysco is going to be headquartering their equine division here in Ocala. They will be creating 10 new jobs with an average wage of $65,000,” said CEP President Kevin Sheilley.

Sheilley emphasized the importance of diversifying the city’s economy and cited Biosysco as a prime example of the type of business to do just that.

Based in Chicago, Biosysco’s patented “Sigma” technology sends a specialized frequency of electro-charges wrapped in sound waves that only neurological muscles understand. According to its website, this “effectively replicates natural neuromuscular activity,” which in turn improves muscle tone, re-enables movement, and prevents and repairs muscle atrophy.

Sheilley indicated that Biosysco had already begun the hiring process and was working on developing relationships with the College of Central Florida and other organizations in the community.

“We needed to focus on second-stage technology companies,” said Sheilley, of the chamber’s diversification efforts. Those efforts, which are extensive to say the least, include bringing more high-paying jobs to Ocala to make it a more attractive destination for young families and professionals.

According to a recent U-Haul report, those efforts have not gone unnoticed, as Ocala ranked among the top three net-gain markets for movers using U-Haul trucks in 2019.

“We’re growing an economy for the future. We’re developing an economy that is diverse and is going to be successful,” said Sheilley.