James N. Fisher

A Dunnellon man was arrested on a domestic battery charge on Thursday after he allegedly pushed around and struck a woman during a nasty spat in their kitchen.

The victim told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy that she and James N. Fisher, 39, got into an argument and she tried to walk out the back door of the residence. She said Fisher grabbed her right wrist and pulled her back into the kitchen, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The victim said she couldn’t recall anything except Fisher pushing her around to the point she ended up in a fetal position. She said once she was in a fetal position and trying to protect herself, Fisher hit her in the face. The victim couldn’t recall if it was with and open hand or a fist. The deputy observed a large area of the victim’s wrist and arm were bruised and her right cheek was pink in color, the report said.

Fisher told the deputy that during the argument, the victim grabbed a broom and started hitting him with it. He said he went to pick up pictures of his children from a table and the victim bit his left arm. The deputy observed two bleeding scratches – but no tooth indentations – on Fisher’s left arm. Asked if she bit Fisher at any point during the altercation, the victim said she didn’t, according to the report.

The neighbor who reported the incident said she was in her trailer when she heard the victim screaming. She said she walked over to the incident location and saw the front door of the trailer was open. The witness said she looked inside and saw Fisher grabbing the victim’s arm and swinging her around the kitchen, the report said.

The witness said she saw Fisher hit the victim in the face but couldn’t recall the details. She said while Fisher was being physical with the victim, he said, “I am going to kill you, you (expletive deleted) bitch,” before the victim got away, according to the report.

Fisher was taken to the Marion County Jail, where he was released Friday on his own recognizance. He’s scheduled to appear in Marion County Court on Feb. 18.