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Ocala man charged with beating woman in driveway

Oriber Aurelio Chavez-Hernandez

An Ocala man was arrested for allegedly beating a woman in their driveway.

Oriber Aurelio Chavez-Hernandez, 41, was charged with simple domestic battery after the incident, which happened around 11 p.m. Wednesday outside his residence on NW 10th Place. The operator who answered the 911 call heard a woman, later identified as the victim, yell “get off me” and a male voice in the background that sounded aggressive, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office report.

Upon arrival, the responding deputy found the victim lying on the ground, next to a fence, at the edge of the driveway. Chavez-Hernandez was standing in the driveway in front of the victim. The victim had multiple fresh scratches on her right cheek and right year, with fresh blood coming from them. She also had redness and swelling under both eyes. Chavez-Hernandez had scratches on his left arm and dirt on his knees, the report said.

The victim told the deputy that returned home from getting food with a friend and was walking towards the front porch when Chavez-Hernandez got out of a car and started making accusations. She said she turned around and started walking towards the street when Chavez-Hernandez grabbed her and started hitting her. The victim said Chavez-Hernandez threw her down in the driveway and continued to hit her. She said Chavez-Hernandez was on top of her when she called 911, but she was unable to speak to the call-taker, according to the report.

Speaking through a translator because he only speaks Spanish, Chavez-Hernandez said he was inside the car in the yard when the victim came home. He said the victim approached him and grabbed him by the hair, and he was only defending himself, the report said.

Chavez-Hernandez was taken to the Marion County Jail, where he’s being held on $1,000 bond. He’s due to appear in Marion County Court on March 18.

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