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Monday, October 25, 2021

Ocala woman arrested after tiff with naked man

Julie Joann Krantzberg-Sachs

An Ocala woman spent last Sunday night in jail for allegedly beating up a naked man.

A Marion County sheriff’s deputy responded around 7 p.m. to 911 hang-up call at a residence on SW 96th Court, where Julie Krantzberg-Sachs, 67, said she was the one who originally called. She told the deputy she had been in a physical fight with the male victim, who is also over 65 years old. The relationship between Krantzberg-Sachs and the victim was redacted in the sheriff’s office report.

Krantzberg-Sachs said she was in the living room, sitting in her chair, when the victim came into the room naked and held her down. She said she fought off the victim in self defense and then, in frustration, broke dishes in the kitchen, according to the report.

Krantzberg-Sachs said she tried to call 911, but the victim took the phone from her and broke it. She said she had a cell phone on her person but didn’t call 911 back to report what happened, the report said.

The victim said he approached Krantzberg-Sachs without clothes on and tried to give her a hug while she was sitting in the chair. He said Krantzberg-Sachs got angry and shrugged him off, and he doesn’t remember all the details, according to the report.

The victim had blood coming from both of his ears. He said it must have come from where Krantzberg-Sachs shrugged him off. Due to the totality of evidence, the deputy determined Krantzberg-Sachs was the primary aggressor and charged her with aggravated domestic battery on a person 65 years of age or older, the report said.

While being taken to the Marion County Jail, Krantzberg-Sachs said she had the victim’s gold necklace in her pocket. She said she snatched it off his neck during the encounter Krantzberg-Sachs was released Monday on $250 bond and awaits a May 5 appearance in Marion County Court.