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Belleview man accused of punching man in brother’s defense

Jeffrey Michael Gentile

A Belleview man was arrested after he allegedly punched a man who he says is responsible for his brother being wrongly jailed.

Jeffrey Michael Gentile, of 4900 SE 102nd Place Lot 127, was charged with simple battery after the incident, which happened shortly before 3 p.m. Wednesday at another mobile home in the Golden Oaks Mobile Home Park.

The victim told a Belleview Police officer he was not at home when Gentile came to his residence and started yelling at his fiancé about something that happened between the victim and Gentile’s brother a few months ago. The victim said when he arrived home, he told Gentile he needed to leave. He said Gentile started yelling at him and when he told him to leave again, Gentile struck him across the left side of his face, causing his sunglasses to fly off his face and into a nearby flower garden, according to the police report.

The officer observed the left side of the victim’s face was very red while the right side wasn’t red at all. The officer also saw the sunglasses in the flower bed where they came off the victim’s face after being struck. The victim said after being struck, he shoved Gentile to get him away from him to avoid getting hit a second time, the report said.

The victim’s fiancé told the officer she has never met Gentile and was unsure why he was at the residence, but she was scared of him for yelling at her so much. She said as soon as the victim arrived home and told Gentile to leave multiple times, Gentile struck him so hard that his glasses flew off his face. The victim’s fiancé said the victim shoved Gentile afterwards to get away from him. She said Gentile got on a scooter and drove back to his residence at Lot 127, according to the report.

The officer responded to Lot 127 and met up with Gentile, who was very aggravated. When the officer asked him to step outside to speak about the incident, Gentile refused and pulled up a chair and sat on the other side of the sliding glass door of the residence. Gentile told the officer his brother was wrongly arrested a few months ago because Combs called the cops and made up a story about his brother attacking him. He said his brother is dying from an illness and won’t be alive to fight the victim in court, so he decided to confront the victim and tell him to apologize to his brother for getting him arrested and making up stories about him, the report said.

Gentile said when he arrived at the residence, he spoke to a female (the victim’s fiancé) and explained to her why he was there and what he wanted the victim to do. Gentile said he never raised his voice at the victim’s fiancé and gave the victim no reason to be hostile towards him, but when the victim arrived home, he immediately stepped up and tried to shove him. When asked to clarify, Gentile said the victim shoved him but not hard enough to push him down. Gentile said he struck the victim’s hand away after he was shoved and left the location. He said ne never even got a chance to tell the victim to apologize, according to the report.

When asked how the victim got the red mark on his face, Gentile said at no time did he touch the victim’s face and there was no mark on it when he left. He said if there was a mark on the victim’s face, it must have been self-inflicted, the report said.

The officer told Gentile he was being arrested for simple battery, and Gentile said hell no he’s not and started walking towards the bedroom. The officer followed Gentile into the room and advised him not to resist, and Gentile said “No, we’re going to fight.” At that point, the officer and another officer pointed their tasers at Gentile and ordered him to turn around and put his hands behind his back, according to the report.

Gentile finally complied after being given multiple commands. After being handcuffed, Gentile apologized and said he was just frustrated with the entire situation. Gentile was very compliant for the rest of his encounter with the officer, the report said.

Gentile was taken to the Marion County Jail, where he was released Thursday on $500 bond. No court information was available.

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