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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Ocala woman hit with pair of battery charges after fracas

Fallon Adele Fissell

An Ocala woman was arrested after she allegedly battered a man and woman during a drunken domestic fracas.

Fallon Adele Fissell, 26, was charged with two counts of simple domestic battery after the incident, which happened early Wednesday. She and one of the victims were still arguing when a Marion County sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene and they were both detained.

The male victim told the deputy that he and Fissell had an incident with the Florida Highway Patrol while on the turnpike, where Fissell battered him. He said when they got home, Fissell became physically aggressive with the female victim. The relationship between Fissell and the victims was redacted from the sheriff’s office report.

The male victim said Fissell struck the female victim with an open hand, leaving a small red mark on her right cheek. The male victim said he went to the bathroom and turned the water on before Fissell came towards him shouting and becoming aggressive. He said Fissell struck him several times in the face with an open hand, leaving his face swollen, according to the report.

The male victim said he left the home to call law enforcement. The deputy observed swelling and several red marks on his face, the report said.

The female victim said Fissell came home and became extremely aggressive with her and struck her in the face with an open hand. She said Fissell then went after the male victim. The female victim said she couldn’t see the battery taking place inside the bathroom but was able to hear the altercation, according to the report.

The victim said when Fissell came out of the bathroom, she shoved her to the ground, causing red marks and bruising on her wrist. The deputy observed the bruising on the female victim’s forearm as well as red marks on her face. The female victim said Fissell had been drinking all night and was extremely intoxicated, the report said.

After being read her Miranda rights, Fissell said she didn’t batter anyone and that she was the one who was battered. She said the female victim attacked her when she came in the door, leaving marks on her face. The deputy observed blood on Fissell’s face, but it appeared it was from her cutting her finger on her phone, which was broken during one of the altercations, according to the report.

Fissell said multiple times that the male victim had either grabbed her or attempted to choke her. She continued to reference the incident on the turnpike, which was outside the sheriff’s department’s jurisdiction, the report said.

Fissell was taken to the Marion County Jail, where she was released on her own recognizance. She will appear in Marion County Court on Aug. 25.