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Friday, June 11, 2021

Solving Medical Billing Disputes

To the Editor:

Surprise medical bills, when your insurance company refuses to pay your medical bill because the doctor you saw is “out-of-network”, are all too common, especially in emergencies. Congress is now looking to solve this problem and insurance companies are spending millions to lobby Congress on “rate setting” legislation that would allow them to reimburse physicians and hospitals at below-market rates, keeping patients in the middle of billing disputes. Rate setting was misguided before COVID-19, and it’s disastrous now.
Independent Dispute Resolution is a proven and bi-partisan solution, and it keeps patients out of medical billing disputes. Here, an independent third-party mediator is engaged to resolve the billing disputes between insurance companies and medical providers, so that patients are not stuck with financially devastating bills for the medical care they needed.

Denise Strong, RN