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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Ocala Police scramble to Paddock Mall after shooting outside facility

Ocala Police officers are investigating a shooting that happened outside the Paddock Mall on Monday afternoon.

The police department released a statement on its Facebook page saying there was no threat to public safety and it was not an active shooter situation.

“This is considered an isolated incident,” the Facebook post reads.

Many people who were inside the mall during the incident reported seeing the facilities and the individual stores go into lockdown mode.

“Sure as hell made us feel like we were in danger as we were all locked down in stores and hiding,” wrote Amber Bouton early Monday afternoon in the comments section of the police department’s Facebook post. “Main gates and doors are still locked. This is still currently happening.”

Jenny Marie Landrum said she was in the mall and overheard an evacuation order come over an employee’s two-way radio.

“We booked it out,” she wrote on the Facebook post. “Cops were showing up and there was caution tape outside (the) food court as we ran to our car.”

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