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Belleview man jailed after allegedly threatening to kill ex-girlfriend and her coworkers

Dyllan Gregory Finley

A 26-year-old Belleview man found himself behind bars recently after allegedly making harassing phone calls to his ex-girlfriend and issuing a death threat to the staff of the dog grooming salon where she works.

An employee at The Dog House, located at 11901 S. U.S. Hwy. 441, reported the incident and told Belleview Police officers that the victim was “going through issues” with her former boyfriend, 27-year-old Dyllan Gregory Finley. The employee said Finley had called the business three times that morning attempting to speak to the victim and demanding to see his son, a police report states.

After not being able to speak to the victim, the staff claims Finley verbally threatened the staff and said, Y’all are gonna be laughing when I drive my truck up there and kill all you whores.” The staff, along with the victim, told they were afraid Finley would carry out his threats, according to the report.

The employee also told deputies that Finley lived near the dog salon, “so it wouldn’t take him long” to get the location. She added that Finley had been harassing them since mid-January.

The victim confirmed that she and Finley have a child together and used to be involved romantically. She said the Florida Department of Children and Families had gotten involved and revoked Finley’s custody of their son, “so he is constantly texting her and harassing her,” the report says.

The victim also told officers that she had been “looking out the window” since Finley’s calls and she believed he “would do something crazy to hurt her or her coworkers.” She added that she is afraid of Finley and he has made “vague, indirect threats over text messages involving guns and baseball bats,” according to the report.

Officers responded to Finley’s residence at 12290 S.E. 87th Terr. and he came outside to speak with them. Finley told them he needed his son’s Social Security number so he could file his taxes and he called the victim to get it. He said he had called her cell phone “like 16 times” but she didn’t answer, so he called her at work. He said the victim told him to speak with his attorney and then hung. He said he called back but she kept hanging up on him, the report says.

Finley also told officers that he had driven past The Dog House on the way to the tax collector’s office and the staff may have seen him. He was then read his rights and said he wanted to speak with an attorney.

Finley was placed under arrest and while en route to the Marion County Jail, he made comments about the victim cheating on him with his brother. He then said he and his brother sound alike, “so if they have anything it was probably his voice.” He also called the victim a “(expletive deleted) whore” for cheating on him, the report says.

Finley was charged with domestic aggravated stalking and three counts of aggravated stalking. He was released 11 days later on $4,000 bond and is due in court March 16 at 9 a.m., jail records show.

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