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College of Central Florida preparing to present online version of ‘Motherhood Out Loud’

The College of Central Florida’s Visual and Performing Arts Department is preparing to present “Motherhood Out Loud” Friday-Sunday, March 12-14, starting at 7:30 p.m. online.

If you have a mother, know a mother, are a mother or are even thinking of becoming a mother, you need to see “Motherhood Out Loud.” Conceived by Susan R. Rose and Joan Stein, the play is comprised of short scenes, many of which are monologues, authored by 14 playwrights, including Beth Henley “Crimes of the Heart” and Lisa Loomer “In the Waiting Room.” The result of entrusting the subject of motherhood to such a dazzling collection of celebrated American writers is a joyous, moving, hilarious and altogether thrilling theatrical play.

The pieces are grouped chronologically, as in life stages – “Fast Births,” “First Day Fugue,” “Sex Talk,” “Stepping Out” and “Coming Home.” Together they shatter traditional notions about parenthood, unveil its inherent comedy and celebrate the deeply personal truths that span and unite generations. Beautiful, poignant, funny, real, emotional, optimistic, heartfelt and tear producing, this play will make you laugh out loud and bring tears to your eyes.

The play is being presented for free by CF and is available to the public. Tickets can be ordered at showtix4u.com/events/TheatreCF. To learn about other events at CF, visit CF.edu.

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