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Shirtless Ocala man jailed on battery charge for second time this month

James Anthony Freda 1
James Anthony Freda

An Ocala man with a checkered legal past found himself behind bars on battery charges recently for the second time this month.

Marion County sheriff’s deputies were called to a local residence and when they arrived, they spoke with 21-year-old James Freda, who was standing outside without a shirt. He told deputies he had been involved in a physical altercation with another man who he had attempted to get to leave with him. He claimed the victim hit him and they started fighting, a sheriff’s office report states.

The victim, who had gone back inside the residence, told deputies that Freda has “anger issues” and had been aggressive toward him in the past. He said Freda grabbed him by the arm and started to pull him away from the residence. He said he struck Freda to get him to release his arm and he did but then started hitting him, the report says.

The victim said he wasn’t sure how many times Freda hit him or how he did it because it “happened so fast and he just wanted to get away.” He said he was able to pull away and ran toward the residence with Freda chasing him and throwing a hat at them. He said they both went inside the residence and had a verbal altercation but the person who called sheriff’s deputies for help kept them separated.

That person, who wasn’t identified in the report, also showed deputies a video on his phone from a security camera that showed Freda chasing the victim toward the residence and throwing an object at him, the report says.

After being read his rights, Freda refused to speak with deputies and was placed under arrest. But while a deputy was completing paperwork in his patrol vehicle, Freda said he wasn’t supposed to be at the residence because of an “open case,” the report says.

Freda was transported to the Marion County Jail, where the deputy checked the condition of Freda’s bond from an earlier case that showed he wasn’t allowed to be at the residence because of an issue with a different victim. He also wasn’t allowed to come within one mile of where the victim lives or works, nor go to places the victim frequents on a regular basis. The report notes that the other victim wasn’t at the residence when the latest incident occurred and Freda didn’t violate his bond conditions.

Freda was charged with domestic battery and violating a pre-trial release on a previous domestic violence charge. He was released on $7,000 bond and is due in court May 12 at 8 a.m., jail records show.

Freda also was arrested in early April after a woman claimed he became “agitated” during a verbal altercation and threw a case of water at her.

The victim told Marion County sheriff’s deputies that the water hit her in the back and on her arm.

Freda was arrested in August 2020 after a nasty battle with a juvenile over the use of his cell phone charger. The victim told deputies he didn’t know who owned the phone charger he was using in his room but Freda became angry and started yelling at him. He claimed Freda pulled him off the bed, then grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled violently, causing light redness and “the loss of a few hairs from the victim’s scalp,” the report says.

Freda also was arrested in November 2019 after a nasty battle with his lady friend over electronics. The victim said she got into a verbal altercation with Freda over an electronic tablet and he took a charging cable and hit her right shoulder with it, a report says.