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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Ocala Police scramble to minimart after woman reports man with firearm

Ocala Police officers scrambled to a local minimart Wednesday after a woman reported seeing a man waving a firearm at people.

When officers arrived at the RaceTrac at 3674 N.W. Blitchton Rd., a woman told them she had observed a white male standing in the picnic area pointing at black firearm at another man. She said she initially thought it was a joke but someone with her who wasn’t identified in the police report told her to hurry into the store.

The woman said she quickly notified the staff in the store and went into the bathroom. She described the man with the gun as having short brownish/blondish hair, possibly with bangs, as well as a gray shirt and black pants. She said he was carrying a black bookbag and she didn’t see what direction he went in after she entered the store.

A short time later, officers made contact with two men near the RaceTrac minimart. One said they had been at the minimart but had left earlier because another man had threatened them. An officer photographed the two men but the witness said neither one was the man who had pulled out the weapon, the report says.