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Friday, September 17, 2021

Officer draws taser on man at Hilton who refused to leave

An Ocala man assaulted an Ocala Police officer after refusing to leave the Ocala Hilton.

An officer with the Ocala Police Department responded to the Ocala Hilton on June 2 after getting a call that 28-year-old John Scott was trespassing.

The officer, who approached Scott in the lobby of the hotel, said he told Scott that he needed to leave the property and would be trespassed due to the Hilton staff no longer wanting him there. Scott claimed he was staying in a room but the Hilton staff verified that he was not listed in any room.

When Scott was asked for identification, he refused and screamed an expletive at the officer. The officer told Scott again he needed to leave and Scott quickly stood up aggressively while balling up his fist. Scott stepped towards the officer and stated, “I ain’t giving you shit.” Scott continued to say, “you back up,” according to the incident report.

Scott told the officer if he was going to leave, the officer would have to remove him, before kicking a table in the lobby and screaming another expletive at the officer. After attempting to punch the officer, the officer pulled out his taser and pointed it towards Scott, who eventually began to calm down and back up, the report stated.

Scott was arrested and charged with assault to a law enforcement officer. He transported to the Marion County Jail.