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Friday, June 11, 2021

Beth McCall resigns from Marion County School Board following move outside district

Marion County School Board member Beth McCall has resigned from her position.

McCall shared resignation letter to Governor Ron DeSantis during a Marion County School Board workshop on Thursday, June 3.

“After working with our school board attorney and others to determine if there were options available for me to finish my term, the statute is clear. I must reside in the district I serve,” said McCall in the statement. McCall went on to explain that although there would have been alternative options available, they were contrary to her values.

“I will not compromise my values or integrity to find a loophole such as placing a camper in a campground in District 2 or finding other avenues to claim my residency. That is not the example I want to set for my grandchildren or the students I serve,” said McCall.

Although she lived in District 2 for over a quarter of a century, McCall was forced to move from the area “due to health issues” of her husband.

“We made the decision to look for and move to a smaller more manageable home,” said McCall, who indicated that she moved to District 1 in April. “That put us closer to family and met our needs for my husband’s health.”

McCall was elected to her District 2 seat in 2016 and was reelected in 2020, when she ran unopposed. During a recent meeting of the Marion County School Board, she voted to close Evergreen Elementary School after citing her dissappointment in the department of education.

Now that the seat has been vacated, Governor DeSantis’ office will find a replacement.