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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Vivienne Huff

Vivienne Huff
Vivienne Huff

Vivienne Huff was born in northeast Florida and adopted by Paul and Belle Parke of Fort Pierce, Florida in 1925.  She was raised there, raised her family there, and lived there until 2005. At that time she moved to Dunnellon,  Florida to live with her daughter Lee Gallott-Harding and lived there until her passing June 2, 2021.

Vivienne is survived by  her daughter Lee, 4 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren, and 6 great great grandchildren.

There will not be a funeral service at this time. Vivienne’s ashes will eventually be an interned at the Fort Pierce cemetery beside her husband Leroy,  but that is not expected in the near future.

If anyone is so inclined, the family suggests that they make donations to their local hospice instead of flowers.  Vivienne’s hospice  (Hospice of Marion County) was very caring, knowledgeable, and helpful during the last 2 months of her life and the family strongly supports their efforts.

The following poem by Lee Gallott-Harding expresses our feelings at the final stage of life.

The Controversial Visitor “Death”
We knew you were coming, but we didn’t know when
No matter how much we prepared, we still weren’t
ready for your arrival.
Some of us were not happy that you chose this time to visit.
Others felt that this was just the right time and somewhat overdue.
Why was everyone surprised when you came?
Surely you sent plenty of messages……….
Maybe they were lost in the confusion and sorrow.
Now that you have arrived, there will be several
people assembling together.
Not all of us know of YOU.
But you know us.
You can hear our prayers of fight and surrender.
Do not be angry because we do not acknowledge your
presence with open arms.
Our hearts are full with mourning.
God will be embracing our loved one in the morning.