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Monday, August 8, 2022

City reminding residents of Downtown Ocala park rules

The City of Ocala is going the extra mile to remind its residents that Ocala’s Downtown Square is a park.

In light of the closures from COVID-19 and the return of upcoming events like the Art Walk and Light Up Ocala this fall, officials are trying to ensure that the downtown area remains as clean and safe as possible for all residents to enjoy.

As a result of its park status, officials want residents to be mindful of some of the rules that apply to other parks around the city and have installed new signs to that end.

That list of rules includes prohibiting glass containers, smoking, open flames, and candles from being used in the Downtown Square. In addition, skateboards, scooters, skates, and bicycles are not allowed on the plaza.

Earlier this month, multiple Marion County Commissioners derided the amount of litter that was collected across the city and county.

“Over 150,000 pounds of litter were collected by people walking on our roadways,” said Commissioner Michelle Stone, referring to a recent litter report. “I think that’s disgusting.”