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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Man tries to contact girl after graduation, harasses, threatens to kill her

An Ocala woman reported a man has been harassing her via telephone after they exchanged numbers following graduation.

The woman claimed she was receiving harassing phone calls and several unwanted text messages from the man. The victim said the man has left several voicemails making insulting remarks and threatening to kill her, according to the incident report.

The victim said she met the man nearly two weeks ago and when she graduated from a program, he asked for her number to stay in contact.

The woman said they had been texting starting on May 20. The woman said he would call her more if she didn’t respond to his messages quickly. The woman reported a lot of the messages were confusing.  The woman said she stopped responding but he continued to text, according to the report.

The woman stated she became uncomfortable, so she blocked his number. An Ocala Police Department officer observed the messages. In one of the text messages the victim stated she needed him to stop texting and calling along with stating they are not friends anymore, “please leave me alone you are freaking me out,” according to the report.

The woman had over 10 missed calls. The officer listened to the voicemails and heard what sounded like a gruff and statements such as “foul piece of shit” and “I’m coming to kill you,” the report stated.

The woman did not know his full name but described him to be a white male approximately 42 years old, the report revealed. The officer tried calling the number and it went straight to voicemail.

No further action was taken as of June 3.