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Monday, July 19, 2021

New crime map enables searches by location, date in Marion County

A new crime map of Marion County will show residents and renters where crimes are committed throughout the county by address.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office introduced the new crime map through their website this month in a link labeled “Crime Mapping” at the bottom of every page. That link will take users to a third party service, CrimeMapping.com, to submit any address of interest.

CrimeMapping.com is an international company that works with law enforcement agencies across the globe to provide information on recent crime activity to the public. The company believes that by better informing citizenry as to what incidents occurred in an area, it can help reduce crime and create more self-reliant policing efforts across communities.

CrimeMapping.com shows crime maps based on time and location

According to the sheriff’s office, the new service will give residents, buyers and renters the ability to search an area, and click on individual icons that represent different crimes. Each icon provides information as to the nature of the crime, and the search criteria can be adjusted to look for crimes that might have happened further back in time.

“It is a great tool, and we hope it helps keep our citizens informed about what is going on in their area,” reads a post from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

To use the new feature, visit the Marion County Sheriff’s Office website and scroll to the bottom of any page.