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Naked woman’s rampage at Ocala Outback garnering international attention

A naked woman’s recent rampage at one of the Outback restaurants in Ocala is garnering international attention.

Tina Kindred, who was arrested by Ocala Police Department on June 1, is being charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and criminal mischief in excess of $1,000.

During the incident, Kindred recklessly threw bottles of alcohol from the Outback bar until law enforcement responded to the scene, after which she began targeting bottles at an officer with the Ocala Police Department.

Tina Kindred throwing alcohol bottles at Outback on East Silver Springs Boulevard
Tina Kindred was arrested for throwing alcohol bottles at Outback on East Silver Springs Boulevard

The incident, which was captured on video by employees at the Outback located at 4899 E Silver Springs Boulevard, has generated international media coverage.

A tweet by Billy Corben, a documentary filmmaker behind the film Cocaine Cowboys, was one of the first to share the video. His post has been seen nearly 4 million times.

The New York Daily News, Fox News, and Drudge Report all reported the incident over the past week.

And in one of his first live shows since returning from the COVID-19 pandemic, Jimmy Fallon made a joke during his opening monologue about the incident on The Tonight Show.

Kindred was assigned a public defender earlier this month. That public defender immediately filed a motion for continuance after receiving the case only hours before a scheduled hearing was to take place on June 9. That hearing has been rescheduled for June 14.