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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Not enough handicapped parking spaces next to downtown Ocala square

To the Editor:

At age 71 and 73 also my husband has COPD and I have osteoarthritis, so we are both Handicapped. We love to go to downtown Ocala to eat. There are problems:

  1. There are not enough Handicapped Parking Spaces close to Restaurants. Please add more Handicapped Parking around the Square.
  2. Since there is no red light at corner of Harry’s like there used to be, unless we find a close Handicapped parking space, it is dangerous to cross the road. In our car, we were almost broadsided because the other person did not see the stop sign because of people congregating on the corner. While trying to find a close parking spot, we witnessed a near car accident there. And people step off the curb to go across and cars rush the stop sign and almost hit people.
  3. The Parking Garage is too far to walk to the Square and even if we were wheelchair Handicapped, it is too far to push or hand-roll a wheelchair. Not to mention, if it is pouring rain or extremely hot or cold. Too late now to make changes. Whomever was responsible for the planning where Parking Garage should be, did not take into account the inconvenience for Handicapped people. The hotel should be where the Parking Garage is and then Parking Garage should be where the Hotel is.

Thank you

Gail Bradley

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