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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Arthur Robert Nazareth

Arthur Nazareth
Arthur Nazareth

Arthur Robert Nazareth passed away on June 7th, 2021 at the age of 91.

Born in Bombay, India June 7th, 1930 and is survived by his wife Teresa Winefride Nazareth, an engineer a real estate broker, a farmer, a father and a man of Catholic faith. Arthur passed on the same day of his 91st birthday and their 63rd wedding anniversary.

Arthur left India in the 1950’s to marry Teresa Winefride in England. There his two oldest sons Robert and David were born. In the 1960’s the family of four immigrated to the United States of America.

Once Citizenship was achieved for all, the family moved to southern California to homes residing in Anheim, El Cajon, Poway. Arthur took courses in real estate to receive his license and real estate broker status. He became an avid hunter and talked fondly of meeting Roy Weatherby at one time, founder of the Weatherby Rifle Company.

In the mid 1970’s Arthur moved his family to southern Idaho where he purchased 55 acres of land in Paul, ID. His dream was to become a farmer, raise animals, build a home and live off the land. The family later moved to Jerome and Filer, Idaho where most of the children graduated high school.

In 2019 Arthur & Teresa moved to Oklahoma and Florida to reside with their children. Arthur’s last place of residence was the Camelot Chateau Assisted Living in Ocala, FL. Teresa Nazareth currently resides here.

The Nazareth’s have six children: Mr. Robert Nazareth (Ruta) of Michigan City, IN; Mr. David Nazareth (Talitha) of Las Vegas, NV; Mary Neill (Richard) of Canyon, TX; Michael Nazareth (Linda) of McIntosh, FL; Trish Smith (Justin) of Pocatello, ID; Catherine Mosher (Matt) of Enid, OK.

The Nazareth’s also have seventeen grandchildren: Matthew & Philip (Robert); Jason & Logan & Wesley (David); Clayton & Elliott (Mary); Emilee & Sarah & Joe & Lee & Robert (Michael); Selah (passed) & Jonah & Lukas & Silas (Trish): Jade (Catherine); The Nazareth’s have one great grandchild: Lydia (Michael).

One joint memorial service and Catholic Mass will be planned for both Arthur and Teresa Nazareth at the time of the passing of Teresa Nazareth.