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Friday, March 31, 2023

Man pulled over for illegal tint found with gun in vehicle

An Ocala man was recently arrested after having an illegal tint on his vehicle and later being found with a gun under the passenger seat.

On June 11 an Ocala Police Department officer responded to 523 NE 23rd Circle in reference to a group of people carrying guns in their waistbands. While en-route, the officer heard dispatch report the group split up and one of them was leaving in a red vehicle, according to the sheriff’s report.

The officer located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. The driver, Samuel Flores, had a vehicle tint that tested 13% which is less than the State of Florida’s legal limit of 28% in the front, the report stated.

While the deputy was writing a warning for the tint violation, a K-9 handler responded and sniffed out a positive alert of the vehicle. While Flores exited the vehicle, he asked to make a phone call, and claimed he was going to jail because his cousin was shooting a music video and left a rifle in the trunk of his vehicle, according to the report.

The officer found a black Glock 43 with a drum magazine under the passenger seat. The officer also found what appeared to be two marijuana vials. Flores claimed he had a medical marijuana card and he was just waiting for the card to come in the mail, according to the report.

Flores stated he did not know anything about the weapon under the seat and the only weapon he knew of was the rifle in the trunk. There was no rifle found in the vehicle, the report stated.

Flores was arrested and transported to the Marion County Jail with a bond set at $2,000. Flores was released on bond on June 12 and charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a license.