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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Keep Marion County clean and let us know about it

Multiple governmental, non-profit, and residential groups are working across Marion County to combat an illegal dumping and littering trend that one government official labeled “disgusting.”

From Rainbow Springs to Silver Springs, Marion County is home to some of the most beautiful, natural environments in the state of Florida. Although the state is filled with natural treasures and manmade wonders from coast to coast, Marion County truly stands toe-to-toe with any of Florida’s 67 counties when it comes to parks, public art, and overall beauty.

Marion County is beautiful, and it should be kept that way.

That’s the belief of multiple Marion County Commissioners, who have publicly denounced litter multiple times. The government recently teamed up with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in a campaign to remind residents of the potential consequences of illegally dumping, including jail time.

That’s also the belief of multiple nonprofit and residential groups that have organized cleanups across areas in and around Ocala and Marion County.

One such group, the Marion County Community Cleanup, held its first successful cleanup earlier this year with plans for additional cleanups across the city. For more information on upcoming cleanups, follow the Marion County Community Cleanup Facebook page.

Litter is not a new problem, nor is it one that is unsolvable. There is litter on every major thoroughfare in Ocala, in Marion County, and throughout much of Florida.

Ocala-News.com has received dozens of comments regarding litter, with residents all across the city and county citing instances of illegal dumping or dangerously discarded trash.

One of the solutions, according to Marion County Commissioner Michelle Stone, is to report instances to county staff and local authorities.

“If you see somebody littering, let them know to stop being a litter bug,” said Stone during the June 1 meeting of the Marion County Board of County Commissioners. 

If you see instances of litter across the county, share photos with us through our contact us page. Do you want to share your thoughts on litter across the county, solutions, or anything else? Share a letter to the editor with us.