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Ocala Fire Chief whose ex-wife went on naked rampage at Outback, fired for creating uncomfortable work environment 

The Ocala Fire Chief, who filed a restraining order against his ex-wife before she went on a naked rampage at a local Outback earlier this month, has been fired from his position.

Shane Alexander was relieved of his duties by the city of Ocala on Friday. An official with the city of Ocala confirmed the firing to Ocala-News.com on Sunday and provided a letter explaining the city’s decision on Monday.

According to a termination of employment letter issued by Assistant City Manager Ken Whitehead, Alexander was fired for his alleged “unprofessional conduct on several occasions” and a general erosion of “trust in the organization by creating a counter-productive and uncomfortable work environment for City staff.”

Ocala Fire Rescue Chief Shane Alexander

Last month, Alexander filed a domestic violence injunction against his ex-wife, Tina Kindred. Court documents show that a final judgement for injunction was made on May 27.

Days later, Kindred was arrested after destroying thousands of dollars in merchandise at the Outback in east Ocala, located at 4899 E Silver Springs Boulevard. She was charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and felony criminal mischief.

Video of Kindred’s arrest made international headlines, with multiple news agencies making reference to the city of Ocala including the NY Post and NY Daily News, The U.S. Sun, and the UK Daily Mail.

Tina Kindred throwing alcohol bottles at Outback on East Silver Springs Boulevard
Tina Kindred was arrested after a rampage in which she threw alcohol bottles at law enforcement at an Ocala Outback
In the letter, Whitehead also accuses Alexander of undermining Ocala “City Council and the City Manager” by having actively campaigned “to replace Council members” so that he “could be appointed the City Manager.”
According to the letter, several employees, department heads and managers attested to Alexander’s actions.
In addition, the city cites an “excessive amount of idling time” and “poorly managed internal grand procedures” as concerns.

Alexander threw his hat in the ring for the vacant City Manager position after John Zobler tendered his resignation in December 2019. After the interviews for a new City Manager began, multiple Ocala City Council members lent their support to Alexander.

Ultimately, public support and a delayed vote eventually saw Sandra Wilson appointed in June 2020.

Just a few months later, the city mourned the loss of its police chief after the late Ocala Police Chief Greg Graham was killed in a plane accident. Mike Balken was hired as his replacement.

The city of Ocala will now look to fill its third major position in the past year.