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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Dozens more residents write in asking for Ocala Costco location

Ocala-News.com has received hundreds of letters and comments in support of bringing a Costco location to Ocala in response to previous residents voicing their opinions.

In addition to Trader Joe’s, which saw a surge in public support among residents after a letter to the editor was published a few weeks ago, multiple members of the community have come forth to petition Costco to consider Ocala for its next location.

Diane Obenauf of Beverly Hills, Florida says she believes a Costco would be a draw for the counties around. 

“Not only would a [Costco] serve Ocala, but it would draw people from Citrus county, The Villages, and Gainesville,” says Obenauf. 

In fact, multiple residents cited having to drive excessive distances to visit the Costco locations that are currently closest to Ocala. 

“I’m a Sam’s member now but don’t care for that place,” says Vicki Briggs. An Ocala resident, Briggs says she doesn’t want to make the drive again to Tampa in order to visit the Costco there. 

“I drive to Costco located at 741 Orange Avenue in Altamonte Springs, every two weeks to shop there,” says Ocala resident Lucy Diaz, who added that she doesn’t think the city needs any more “gas stations or car washes.” 

“We are having to travel to Tampa and/or Orlando to the shop at the nearest Costco,” says PJ Ross, a resident of southwest Ocala. 

Many residents cited the current alternatives has not being as good as Costco, in both services and products. 

“Sam’s Club is okay, but it’s always very congested,” says Arlene Applewhite. 

William Sattler, who lives in Summerfield, says he would actually like to see a Costco between Ocala and Sumter County that might service Belleview and Summerfield residents. 

“There is a lot of open land to build a Costco between exits 341 and 350 [on I-75],” says Sattler. He went on to say that he thinks Kroger would also be a good addition, considering the demographic of those who relocate to Marion and Sumter counties from up north.

Even residents who hope to soon make the move to Ocala would like to see a Costco come to the area. 

“We will be moving to Ocala next month. It would be absolutely wonderful to have a Costco in Ocala. We have a membership to Costco here in NJ and have to agree that it is a great company. It would provide excellent jobs and benefits for many people. The quality of their products, their customer satisfaction, service and courtesy are beyond comparison. Costco would be a tremendous asset to Ocala,” says Rainelle Hubacek of Monroe Township in New Jersey. 

“We are relocating from Missouri and urge the city to pursue a Costco in Ocala,” says Jackie Fux of St. Charles, Missouri. 

According to the company, in order to request that Costco come to Ocala, visit the Costco website and click on the “Feedback” tab on the right side of the screen.