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Friday, September 17, 2021

Dog tethering is against the law in Marion County

Marion County Animal Services is reminding residents across the county that tethering dogs to stationary objects is illegal and carries consequences.

Tethering, which is the restraint of a dog through a rope, chain or other device to a stationary object like a house or a fence post, is not allowed unless animals are supervised.

Dogs may only be tethered while they are being supervised or while their owner is completing a temporary task, but that tether must meet safety requirements outlined in the Marion County ordinance.

Walking a dog on a leash or restraining a dog during transportation is not considered tethering.

According to the county, there are two exceptions to the prohibition of unattended tethering, including an owner completing temporary tasks or a dog being part of a working farm. A working farm is an operation that has been granted an agricultural classification from the property appraiser.

Any potential violations of the law are enforced by Marion County Animal Control officers through education, warnings, citations and even fines when necessary.

For more information on the types of tethers that are permitted under specific uses, visit the Marion County Animal Services website.