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Friday, September 30, 2022

Hooters waitress claims she was followed by three men after serving them

A Hooters waitress reported that she was followed by three men after her work shift.

On June 30, an Ocala Police Department officer responded to the Hooters, located at 2711 SW 27th Avenue, in reference to a suspicious incident.

A waitress says she had three black males at one of her tables and claims they continually asked her personal questions about her name, where she lived and what time she was getting off work.

The woman says she felt uneasy, according to the incident report.

The woman says after she finished serving, she clocked out of work and left in her vehicle heading south. The woman says she received a call from a coworker that he observed three males enter a pickup truck and begin to follow her vehicle, the report states.

The woman says she observed the vehicle following her and attempted to lose it.

When she could not, she decided to return to Hooters and contact the Ocala Police Department.

The officer inquired on the payment method of the three male subjects to retrieve a name but discovered they paid with cash only, the report indicates.

The woman was provided a case card and the incident was documented.