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Monday, July 12, 2021

Ocala has hidden gems, fine dining and is no longer ‘Slowcala’

To the Editor:

Dear Editor,

I have been living in Ocala since 1998. It’s not the Slowcala I moved to anymore. Our growth rate increases every month. That said, things have to change. I agree we need more restaurants especially in the southwest corridor. There is a need, however there are also some hidden gems that are locally owned and operated. They may not be the fanciest but they have excellent food. They need local support. If you are looking for high end fine dining, check out The World Equestrian Center it’s not just for horses. There are several fine dining restaurants there! It is a fabulous addition in our growing Ocala. I am sure we all will see many changes very soon. You might want to check out the expected growth of Ocala for 2026.

Patricia Davis

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