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Monday, September 13, 2021

More residents write in asking for greater variety in Ocala grocery options

Dozens more residents have written in and hundreds have commented on the current variety of grocery stores throughout the Ocala area.

“I agree with many that another grocery store chain is needed in Ocala. Kroger always has good quality products, and nothing is better than good old fashioned competition, rather than one company monopolizing the whole area,” says Ocala resident Michael Paul. 

Gail Hooper, who has been a resident of Ocala for 20 years, says she would love to see a Kroger come to the area. 

“I see Kroger commercials and it looks like a good fit for Ocala,” says Hooper.

Anthony resident Joyce Buchanan agrees. 

“I think Krogers would do just nice in Ocala. There isn’t any other competition other than big box stores Winn Dixie, Publix, and Aldi,” says Buchanan.

Byron Holden of Silver Springs says he’d like to see more competition than Publix that are “closely packed together,” suggesting a Kroger in both east and west Ocala.

Many have written in to push for a new Costco, which has been a topic of continued discussion over the past few weeks. 

“Costco would be a great change, we do need another bulk store. Every store like Sam’s Club would be welcome. Please bring BJ’s Wholesale or Costco here to Ocala,” says Carol Carter Smith of Ocala. 

“I’m not a Sam’s Club member, but feel like Ocala could also support a Costco. Competition and choice is a great thing. While we’re at it, maybe we could get a Total Wine and a Trader Joe’s?” says Ocala resident Chris Howard. 

Ocala resident Noel Tulley says the city needs more retail shopping similar to Orlando or Miami, citing the drive as burdensome. “In order for Ocala to grow we need to have more big retail stores like BJ’s Wholesale or Costco” says Tulley. 

Les Johnson says that portions in northeast Ocala could use more restaurants and a Sam’s Club: “The traffic is so bad on SW Highway 200 at the current Sam’s Club that I will not got there anymore.” 

Outside of the grocery stores that have been mentioned in previous weeks, are there any other stores that you would like to see come to Ocala?