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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Ocala resident says solution for homeless isn’t to ‘stick them in a building’

To the Editor:

I read the letter about filling the old buildings with homeless people. What condition are the buildings in? Who is going to pay to keep the buildings clean? Is the plumbing in working order? Does the roof leak? Who is going to pay the electric bill? The cold hard reality is the people who are homeless can’t. The solution to just stick them in a building with out these questions answered first, isn’t good. Is there a capacity limit? What about Covid-19? Also, is there a screening process to get in? Are you throwing mentally ill adults in with normal people who don’t have those issues.

To me instead, we should have programs set up to determine why someone is homeless. Maybe a panel? If it’s a mental illness get them good mental health, and if it’s hard times, help get them to a place where they are not homeless like trade school/education. If it’s an alcoholic reason, they’ve got two choices to either go to rehab or hit rock bottom. The issue isn’t just about providing a place to live. The problem is much, much bigger, but again, who is going to pay for this?

Ann Tucker

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