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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Marion County solid waste improvements include potential additions of landfill, curbside service

The county’s growth plans for the next five years include updates to solid waste and the potential to build a new landfill.

Solid waste growth improvements were some of the dozens of initiatives outlined by the county in the Marion County Administrative Strategic Plan of 2022-2026. 

According to records, Marion County officials believe the growth in the western half of the county may merit the construction of a Class III landfill and vegetative waste processing facility. The potential landfill would be located west of I-75. 

“This will require an amendment to the County’s Comprehensive Plan” reads the plan. The county says the project would be an opportunity to establish a public/private partnership, with the hope that the facility would decrease the pressure on existing facilities located east of Interstate 75 while simultaneously improving the level of service (LOS) in west Marion. 

“We will continue to review our existing recycling centers to increase their efficiencies and capacities to ensure that the demands of growth do not reduce the level of service,” reads the plan.

As developments across unincorporated portions of Marion County fill in, officials say they will explore the option of a curbside service for universal waste collection.

“This may ease the pressure on the existing recycling centers and reduce our need to expand existing recycling centers to meet the demands of future growth,” reads the report. 

In addition to addressing needs in various hotspots around Marion, government officials believe a curbside service would help reduce litter by providing a controlled waste collection and transportation system.