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Monday, July 19, 2021

New business sells ‘little of everything’ in northeast Ocala

A new, independent retailer says it’s open for business and ready to sell “a little of everything” in northeast Ocala.

Ocala Misfit Liquidations officially opened the doors on its new shop, which is located in Skylark Plaza at 1601 NE 25th Avenue #201, earlier this month.

The store sells a large variety of items including toys, video games, kitchen goods, backpacks, and even frozen foods, to name a few.

Toys at Ocala Misfit Liquidations
Ocala Misfit Liquidations sells a wide variety of items from its location in Skylark Plaza

The shop offers collectibles like Funko Pop action figures and Precious Moments figurines, as well as an extensive collection of random, specialty items.

Funko pops at Ocala Misfit Liquidations
Funko Pops are some of the many collectibles available at Ocala Misfit Liquidations

Visitors may see a Razor scooter, a popcorn machine, an air fryer, and a dog leash in one trip, and a completely different set of items in the next.

For more information on the company’s inventory and its hours, visit the Ocala Misfit Liquidations website.