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Thursday, September 23, 2021

The town that Marion County forgot

To the Editor:

In 1980 we moved to Silver Spring, just a few blocks from the Water Park. What a nice little town. The lots filled up and we had a wonderful little community. The Mall on 200 was just being built on a two lane road. We got along fine with an active Park and the shows and such. We had a season pass so we could go over everyday if we wanted.

We had been told that our dirt roads would soon be paved and maybe some sidewalks and streetlights. A few years later after No Improvements, the county told us we were now in a Blight Area and if we ever collect any extra tax, it would be used only in this area. The only time we ever saw our county commissioner was in the paper opening up all the new roads and housing areas in the West End.

Once in a while, we do get a couple of potholes fills, kinda, a scoop of tar and run over it with a truck. Nothing else. How do we get out of this Blight, the police station has been closed, the panhandlers have taken over the corners and parking lots. The homeless have taken over the motels at the expense of the taxpayer and the druggies leave their trash. We pay taxes but I really don’t see any return on our investment. Sam’s was going to build but they changed their mind. No one else wants to invest I guess, not even the county.

Much of the property is run down and Code Enforcement seems to have no interest driving their trucks down our roads. Do we have anybody out there that would like to see this beautiful town grow and get rid of this slum look? Thank You.

Ronald Baldwin
Silver Springs

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