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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Local teen shares her thoughts on town

To the Editor:

As a kid who has spent the better portion of 18 years in this town and who has moved about 17 times in my lifetime, I like to think I’m well versed when it comes to being aware of my surroundings.

At a young age, your surroundings are extremely important and have a large influence but everyone knows this. So why would we effectively demolish a small town’s water park attraction? And you may be tempted to tell me it’s because of money or the environment, and you can even say it was an eyesore or unmanageable. I saw that the last year and I went as the park was nearing closing. There just wasn’t much left.

Now that I have justified removing the park, let me dive into why I’m here for this letter.

Ocala needs something for tourism and for the younger kids. I have seen on multiple websites that there is money for this, but yet, no action. So what I’m calling for is action.

I remember when the square used to be blocked off for the 4th of July and I made the best memories sliding down a giant water slide they had going 200ft down the road. And to clarify, this wasn’t an attraction just for my 10-year-old self. No, every age group enjoyed sliding down the square, even some elderly folk.

This town used to have music at the square. This town is dying, and I have watched it slowly die. I’ve watched all my high school friends find the most fun thing to do is to get drunk or do drugs.

This is what Ocala has turned into, and of course, that’s just what happens in high school you might say.

But I say, if this town quit literally dying, and if more attractions and fun outings existed, it would keep people from boredom, off their depressing phones, and looking up for a change.

So I ask, how can we as a town get people to look up. And to that I answer, give us the water park we want. Give us something.

Kinitty Blackwell

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