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Sunday, August 22, 2021

U.S. should take ‘free market’ approach towards relationship with Cuba

To the Editor:

What can I say about a country that I have never been to? All I know is what I see, hear and read.

What I see and know for sure is that right now, I cannot take a cruise to Cuba from the United States. As far as I can tell that’s because the previous administration imposed sanctions on the Cuban people. Why?

I hear words, like ‘Make America Great Again’ and ‘America first!’ At first, that sounds great. America first! But that is just like saying ‘me first,’ it’s all about ‘me;’ Me, Me, Me! A true American value is to look out for your neighbor’s wellbeing first, in doing so, America was blessed from sea to shining sea.

I think the White House’s reasoning in how to make a deal is that one side has to lose so the other side can win, unfortunately that will work against us in the long run. I believe they think the sanctions on Cuba makes America a winner. Fact is, it makes America losers. How do I personally lose? For one thing, I cannot take a cruise to Cuba. Can I buy a Cuban cigar? Where is my freedom? Right now, as an American citizen, I am not free to trade with Cuba.

When there is free trade, then there are two winners. For instance, if I make a deal with you to mow my lawn for a price, we will come to terms that make both parties happy. I get my lawn mowed and you get dollars. I do not care if you are black or white, male or female, Catholic or Protestant, conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, capitalist or communist (Cuba). And the best part is we do not need any government’s permission to make our deal.

With the stroke of a pen, we could immediately help Cuba by lifting the sanctions and barriers to free trade; imposed by us. That is not giving a free ride to Cuba by giving free aid. That is merely letting the free market (the invisible hand of God) work, which will be good for Cuba, and America will be blessed for it. Remember free trade has two winners: I get my cruise and they (Cuba) get to feed their families.

Victor Rochette

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