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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Residents respond to Californian’s letter about more restaurants in east Ocala

Residents from around Marion County shared letters and comments with Ocala-News.com in response to a letter written by a Southern Californian who recently relocated to Ocala for retirement.

“Might I suggest to ‘California’ that you think about why you retired to Florida. If you find the ‘inconvenience’ of driving a couple of miles to find a restaurant too great, and if it makes you unhappy here in Florida, might I suggest you get in your car, point due west, and drive right back to California” opines Carol Shalaew of Ocala.

“I understand that people want businesses built closer to their homes, however this is horse country, rural, we have deer that cross the road and other beautiful animals as well as nature,” says Marta Varnell. “I am from New York, I came here in 1989. It was heaven! In 1994 when I came back, good grief! Roads, businesses, more homes had been constructed and the beauty of nature started to get destroyed. Enough already. New residents that move here know this is straight up country, so move closer to the downtown area (or Miami), you will have everything there. Stop insisting on ruining more of this beautiful county.”

“I’m sorry better restaurants aren’t close to you. My husband and I drive 20 or more to get to any restaurant. People should buy in areas that suit them rather than changing the area to suit them. Opening businesses to the outskirts of town is good but I think of more people, more traffic, more problems. It’s better to make a short drive to the restaurant of choice” says Jackie White, a resident of Reddick.

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