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Monday, August 23, 2021

Cantina Tex-Mex taking shape for October opening

The new Cantina Tex-Mex and Tequila restaurant is quickly taking shape and in anticipation of a potential fall opening. 

The restaurant is currently renovating a new location in downtown Ocala that it hopes to open in October, according to its social channels. 

Earlier this month, the restaurant began a series of improvements on its exterior, including new paint, pavers for outside dining, and additional landscaping elements, among other upgrades.

Newly painted exterior of Cantina Tex Mex
The newly painted exterior of Cantina Tex-Mex and Tequila restaurant in downtown Ocala

The business will occupy two stories and will feature Tex-Mex cuisine with an accompanying slate of tequilas and cocktails. 

Cantina Tex Mex interior dining room lights
The light fixtures in the interior dining room at Cantina Tex-Mex and Tequila restaurant

Cantina Tex Mex decorations at new downtown Ocala location

The restaurant is one of many with plans to open in downtown Ocala and joins a couple other Mexican restaurants that have opened or have plans to open across the city. 

Antojitos 352 is currently renovating a new location in west Ocala. The restaurant is located next to mainstays Taqueria My Ranchito and La Hacienda, which have both managed their establishments for multiple years. 

In March, Los Magueyes opened a location along Baseline Road, adding to a growing list of locations that span Sumter, Marion, and Lake Counties.