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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Crystal River teen arrested after allegedly stealing neighbor’s firearm, trying to sell it on SnapChat

A Crystal River teen faces a bond of more than $30,000 after stealing a firearm from his next-door neighbor while he was out of town and trying to sell the firearm through Snapchat.

On May 11, a Marion County Sheriff’s deputy responded to Summerfield, Florida in reference to a residential burglary in which a firearm was stolen.

The victim reported while he was out of town from May 5 to May 10, his residence was burglarized with several items taken to include his black, Glock 48 handgun with two magazines in a “Glock” box valued at $500. In addition, multiple rounds of 9mm ammunition for the firearm valued at $50 were also taken, according to the sheriff’s report.

The victim says the home was unoccupied most of the time he was away with his roommate. The victim says he discovered his garage door was damaged and initially believed his 17-year-old juvenile next-door neighbor, Landen Glover, was responsible due to his history of stealing guns, having been in his home before and having inquired about the firearm on several occasions. The victim says he has two aggressive dogs that are only friendly towards people they know, like suspect Glover, according to the sheriff’s report.

Ocala teen tries to sell a firearm on Snapchat that he stole from his neighbor
Landen Glover

Glover denied taking the firearm or ammunition and claims he moved away with his mother, the report states.

On June 26, a detective was investigating an aggravated battery case involving Glover and obtained a search warrant for Glover’s “Snapchat” account for the dates of May 6 to May 15. While reviewing the data from the search, the detective found a photograph of the victim’s stolen firearm with the serial number visible.

A deeper search revealed a chat between Glover and another user where the user offers to pay half for the firearm and Glover replies by texting a photograph of the stolen firearm. The user then replies, “real shit” and texts an address, the report states.

On May 9, Glover received another Snapchat message from a user in which he says, “man wtf my nigga Lando always coming up with them sticks.” Glover replies by saying the glock is clean and he has all the paperwork receipts. The user then offers Glover $100 and says, “thank you my nigga lol always gonna keep me strapped,” the report stated.

On May 13 another user inquired about Glover selling guns, the report states.

The search also revealed a video of Glover pointing the stolen firearm at the camera and dangling it upside down exposing the serial number, according to the report.

Glover was arrested and transported to the Marion County Jail on August 23 with a bond set at $33,000. He faces six charges including robbery with a firearm and grand theft. A court date is set for September 28 at 9 a.m., jail records show.