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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Silver Springs man arrested on assault, battery charges after victim reports bloody encounter

A 36-year-old Silver Springs man was arrested for the second time in a week after he violated the conditions of his release on bond from charges of aggravated assault and simple domestic battery.

Leon Rachi Mitchell was arrested by a deputy with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday, August 21 after allegedly threatening a victim and throwing an object at her head over the course of a two-day encounter.

Silver Springs man arrested on assault battery charges after victim describes bloody encounter
Leon Rachi Mitchell

The deputy that responded to the scene says that the victim was covered in blood on her head and in her hair upon arrival. The victim claims that Mitchell allegedly made threats towards her, including waving a machete, before he asked her to cook food.

The victim says that while she was preparing food, Mitchell threw a can at her head, so she stopped preparing the food and tried to go to bed.

The victim says she was awoken multiple times by Mitchell, including one instance in which he flicked a lit cigarette at her, until she agreed to make food again.

The victim says that while she was preparing food a second time, Mitchell allegedly threw a broken stool off a wall and struck her in the head, causing her to bleed.

The victim was transported to AdventHealth for her injuries.

The deputy scanned county records and found that Mitchell was convicted of a lewd and lascivious battery charge in 2008.

Mitchell was arrested on and transported to the Marion County Jail on August 21. He was released after posting bail on August 25 and was arrested again on August 26 after violating the conditions of his release, according to jail records.