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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Ocala man arrested after allegedly chasing, rear-ending victim’s car

A Ocala man was arrested after allegedly damaging a victim’s vehicle while she was at work, following her home, and threatening to kill her.

A deputy with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call on Wednesday, August 25 after a victim reported that she was in fear for her life.

The victim claims that 36-year-old Michael Woods came to her work and began hitting her vehicle in the parking lot before he was asked to leave the property. She says that she left her job and agreed to meet Woods at the Pilot Gas Station near the intersection of SW Highway 484 and I-75.

Ocala man arrested after allegedly chasing rear ending victim8217s car
Michael Woods

The victim says that after driving around with Woods, she thought he was “off” and left him at his vehicle. She says that she left home at that time, and noticed on the way that Woods was following her.

The victim claims that upon arriving at her home, Woods began threatening to kill her. She says she got in her vehicle and left in an attempt to keep him away from her family.

After she left her home, the victim alleges Woods followed her at a high rate of speed until he ultimately rear-ended her vehicle at a traffic light along SW Highway 484.

When questioned about the incident, Woods provided varying accounts of what took place, initially indicating he “crawled into the backseat” of the car and couldn’t remember what happened.

Woods was arrested and transported to the Marion County Jail. He is charged with aggravated battery on a person with the use of a deadly weapon and grand theft of a motor vehicle. According to jail records, Woods violated the terms of a conditional release in a separate domestic violence case, and violated the terms of his probation in a Duval County burglary.

His next court date is set for September 28, according to jail records.