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Friday, September 3, 2021

58-year-old Belleview bicyclist killed in fatal hit and run in Marion County

A 58-year-old Belleview man was struck and killed while he was riding his bicycle along U.S. Highway 301.

According to a report from the Florida Highway Patrol, the fatal hit and run accident took place just after midnight on Friday, September 3. An unknown vehicle was traveling southbound on U.S. Highway 301 in the right outside lane. The Belleview man was traveling southbound on U.S. Highway 301 on the right paved shoulder. The unknown vehicle’s right front struck the rear of the bicycle.

The Belleview man was propelled off his bicycle in a southwesterly direction onto the west grass shoulder and was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The unknown vehicle continued in a southbound direction, leaving no information nor reporting the crash.

Florida Highway Patrol currently says that no other information is available with regards to the other vehicle.