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Friday, September 3, 2021

Ocala man arrested after victim found bruised, bloodied in middle of road

An Ocala man with two prior domestic violence convictions was arrested after police were called to a scene and found a bruised, bloodied woman laying in the middle of the road.

A deputy with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to the incident on Wednesday, September 1. Upon his arrival, the deputy discovered the victim laying in the middle of the road and said that she appeared to be unconscious, according to the report.

The deputy noted that the victim had bruises on her arm consistent with being grabbed, as well as blood around her nose and swelling on her face. When questioned, the victim said that she was attacked by 56-year-old James Mayne and that he has always been physical, according to the report. When asked about swelling and redness on her face, the victim indicated that she was punched by Mayne.

Ocala man arrested after victim found bruised bloodied in middle of road
James Mayne

While the deputy was at the hospital with the victim later on, he overheard the victim tell a nurse that she was “beat up pretty bad,” according to the report.

Mayne said multiple times that he was just trying to help the victim get home. When questioned about alcohol bottles that were found at the incident scene, Mayne indicated that they not belong to he and the victim before changing his story, according to the report.

After speaking with the victim, the deputy read Mayne his rights. Mayne refused to answer questions regarding the incident after he was read his rights. He was arrested and transported to the Marion County Jail.

A computer check revealed that Mayne has multiple domestic battery convictions out of the state of Ohio, according to the report.

Mayne’s bond was set at $10,000. He is next due in court on October 5, according to jail records.