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Monday, September 27, 2021

MCSO deputies volunteer to help Louisiana residents devastated by Hurricane Ida

Eight deputies from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office have volunteered to travel to Louisiana and help residents devastated by Hurricane Ida.

According to a video posted by MCSO Director of Public Information Sgt. Paul Bloom, the deputies were preparing to leave Saturday morning for Louisiana.

“As many of you know, Hurricane Ida has absolutely devastated that area, with many without water, without power, the basic necessities of life. Some have lost their homes, their livelihoods, and unfortunately, some have lost their lives,” said Bloom during a video posted to the MCSO social media account. 

As of Friday, at least 66 deaths have been confirmed in relation to Hurricane Ida across multiple states. According to reports, Ida is the second strongest hurricane to strike the state of Louisiana, trailing only Hurricane Katrina.

Bloom says the county and the deputies who have volunteered see the “desperate need right now” for those residents whose lives have been changed “drastically and suddenly.” 

“Join me as we wish these guys Godspeed, safe travels,” said Bloom in the video. 

Bloom says that multiple residents across Marion County have reached out since Hurricane Ida to offer donations and support. He advises all to “reach out to a reputable charity to donate to those in need.” 

“Keep these deputies, and keep those folks in Louisiana in your thoughts and prayers, as they are going through a tough time right now,” said Bloom. “Be proud as a Marion County citizen that we do not leave these folks stranded, we are sending help.”

American Red Cross Hurricane Ida relief efforts
The American Red Cross shared this photo of a volunteer surveying damage by Hurricane Ida. Donate to the American Red Cross for those in need (Photo from American Red Cross)

For anyone interested in making a donation to the relief efforts, the government and multiple nonprofit organizations have provided resources.

The American Red Cross is accepting donations for all those in need across multiple states. 

Visit the Louisiana Hurricane Relief website to make a donation

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has provided links to some of the most common organizations.