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Friday, September 10, 2021

102,000 pounds of litter collected in Marion County during July

Over 102,000 pounds of litter was collected in Marion County during the month of July.

The new figures were part of the Marion County Solid Waste Operations report sent to county officials last month.

The report indicates that nearly 50,000 pounds of litter was collected by community service workers. Staff, contract employees, and mow/litter specialists collected over 30,000 pounds of litter, and inmates collected nearly 20,000 pounds of litter. 

During the month, code enforcement officers investigated nearly 40 cases of littering and illegal dumping throughout the county. According to the report, two code enforcement civil fines were issued for illegal dumping of waste weighing less than 15 pounds.

Among the 40 cases were multiple instances of litter left outside of Marion County recycling centers. Code officers routinely provide spot checks at all recycling centers across the county to verify users are not commercial businesses, are not living outside of Marion County, and are not disposing of inappropriate types of refuse.

The report indicates that Marion County Recycling Centers collected over 68,000 pounds of refuse during the month.

The solid waste report for August will be released later this month.