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Thursday, September 16, 2021

A & N Caribbean Cuisine temporarily closed after failed health inspections

A & N Caribbean Cuisine was temporarily closed last week after an inspector found 13 health code violations.

According to a health inspection report filed with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, A & N Caribbean Cuisine, which is located at 9339 SE Maricamp Road, was shut down on Thursday, September 9. 

Among the issues the restaurant was cited for were four high priority violations, including the presence of roach activity. The report says that nearly 20 live roaches and 20 dead roaches were found around the kitchen.

The business was forced to close and was reinspected the following day. It remained closed after the health inspector found dozens more roaches on Friday, September 10.

The recent closures aren’t the first time that A & N Caribbean Cuisine has been forced to close due to health inspection violations.

The restaurant was forced to temporarily close last August after a health inspector cited multiple issues, including the presence of rodent droppings.

The report does not indicate whether or not the restaurant has yet reopened.