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Friday, September 17, 2021

Job by Claudia Lauster added to City of Ocala’s permanent public art collection

The City of Ocala Cultural Arts and Sciences Division recently announced the addition of “Job” by Claudia Lauster to the city’s permanent public art collection.

The Indiana limestone figurative sculpture is on display at the Brick City Center for the Arts courtyard, located at 23 SW Broadway Street.

City of Ocala Job by Claudia Lauster
“Job” by Claudia Lauster is on display at the Brick City Center for the Arts’, located at 23 SW Broadway Street

“Job” debuted in the 2018-2019 Ocala Outdoor Sculpture Competition and was awarded second place. The sculpture has been on loan from the artist since the competition with a plan to permanently secure the piece.

“‘Job’ is a wonderful addition to Ocala’s permanent public art collection,” says Laura Walker, Cultural Arts and Sciences Division Head. “This piece is the first classical, figurative sculpture in our collection. ‘Job’ is skillfully implemented and personifies the story of the character. Its placement in the Brick City Center for the Arts courtyard is the perfect place for view and reflection, adding to the formality of the space as an arts hub in our community.”

Claudia Lauster studied Fine Art and Art History in Hohenlohe, Germany. She received her Master of Sculpting and Fine Arts in Freiburg, Germany at the Academy for Art and Sculpting. She also received a certificate for art, creative processes and art therapy at the Academy for Creative Processes. She has studied, taken classes and attended camps in Florence and Azzano, Italy and Peccia, Switzerland. In her artist statement Lauster shares, “…I allow myself to use all aspects of human potential providing profound impact on our contemporary culture.”